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  • Why it don't make sense to learn the eskimo roll first
    Why it don't make sense to learn the eskimo roll first

    In a lot of clubs I guess it is similar than this, if new members are joining the club: After a short briefing how to get in to the boat, to put on the gear and to handle the double paddle, your are going on to a lake or a slow running floating water. As long as the fun stays in the foreground. So far so good. Depending which divisions the club is doing the new member has to decide to do more the canoe camping or the whitewater kayaking. Eventhough competetive sports could be an option if possible.

    Some day high likely the question about the "eskimo roll" will come up. Fast you are finding a versed club colleague who can show you the eskimo roll and you start to train: After the hip kink (it is called in Germany) is clear and works after a few hours of practicing the paddle is consulting.

    Written on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 16:36

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